Venison and Cauliflower Italian Bake

Finally! Day three of my one roast, three recipe challenge to myself. Minimal ingredients packed with lots of flavor, this dish was inspired by my craving for lasagna without the time to make one. This dish is also one of those pantry cleaner dishes- you know the ones. When you haven’t gone to the store… Continue reading Venison and Cauliflower Italian Bake

Venison Noodle Soup, Fried Shallot, Cabbage and Venison Broth

Continuing with day two of my meal challenge this recipe could easily be made with any noodle or omit the noodles entirely! This is why in my previous post I instructed to reserve that venison roast broth from your crockpot. The broth itself is light in flavor but why not use it and absorb more… Continue reading Venison Noodle Soup, Fried Shallot, Cabbage and Venison Broth

Thai Sriracha Venison and Cabbage

How many meals can I make from ONE venison roast? This was the question I asked myself this week. Amidst global virus scares and the usual drama of the world my mind still drifted off to food and the upcoming spring vegetable season. I have been working in the garden every night this week making… Continue reading Thai Sriracha Venison and Cabbage

Mongolian Venison & Broccoli

Fast weeknight meals are becoming even more important these days. There are a lot of changes coming my way in 2020 but I don’t want that to limit me from eating the same great home cooked meals as before. Often times people tell me that the dishes I make seem to fancy or difficult- and… Continue reading Mongolian Venison & Broccoli