Venison and Cauliflower Italian Bake

Finally! Day three of my one roast, three recipe challenge to myself. Minimal ingredients packed with lots of flavor, this dish was inspired by my craving for lasagna without the time to make one. This dish is also one of those pantry cleaner dishes- you know the ones. When you haven’t gone to the store… Continue reading Venison and Cauliflower Italian Bake

Cast Iron Venison Meatball Masala & Cauliflower

Lately I have been into making one skillet meals without trying to compromise taste. This one skillet venison meatball masala is a prime example of how to elevate wild game but also make it an easy weeknight meal. I made this dish on a Monday! A MONDAY! Mondays at our house are usually reserved for… Continue reading Cast Iron Venison Meatball Masala & Cauliflower