AKC Czech Out Kalamity Jane


This blog wouldn’t be complete without a page introducing the chief of security at the ranch, AKC Czech Out Kalamity Jane BN CD FDC MX MXB MXJ MJB MXF CGC, Herding Instinct Certified, Farm Dog Certified, AKC Achiever Dog. Jane was born January 30th, 2014 in Fort Worth, Texas. Her co-breeders are Debra Jones of Tairis Collies & Cheryl Kobularick of Cherann’s Collies.

My family has a long history with the collie breed and I grew up with them. Adam and I waited a long time before we were ready to welcome a dog into our family. Having dog sat for many of our friends over the years we knew that we wanted to have a stable home, land, and the time/money to dedicate to our new family member. When I knew we were moving to Texas I immediately began my search for my new companion. Three years prior I had had a dream that I owned a black and tan tri colored collie named Calamity Jane. Regardless of the color I knew the perfect breed for me.

My first collie Kandice AKA “Kandy”

When I contacted Debbie Jones at Taris Collies I was impressed with her thoroughness to get to know me. I filled out an in depth survey about my goals, lifestyle and living situation. Several months later I heard from Debbie that she thought she might have the perfect puppy suited for farm life. The boldest, bravest of the litter, the little black and tan tri colored collie had a soft spot in Debbie’s heart. At birth there had been complications with the umbilical cord and the tiny little puppy would have bled to death if it weren’t for Debbie’s quick thinking. Super glue to stop the bleeding. Debbie held that puppy for several days so she could nurse without the mother licking the wound and thankfully she survived. She knew she had to find the perfect home for the little puppy.


That puppy is now the most tenacious, intelligent and comical dog I have ever known. She is registered AKC Czech Out Kalamity Jane. Kalamity is spelled with a K as it is a long tradition in my family to have K names. If you had not guessed, I named her after the American frontierswoman Martha Jane Canary AKA “Calamity Jane.” As a historian, I always appreciated the legend of Calamity Jane. Jane was known as a compassionate woman who was also a daredevil and tom boy. I had no idea the name would be so fitting.

Jane is not perfect, but she is perfect for me. There aren’t enough words to describe how thankful I am to have Jane in our lives. She brings me purpose, unconditional love and joy when I need it most. The ranch would not be the same without her daily goofy antics. I always believed that when I had a dog I wanted to live for my dog, not the other way around. I personally feel that it is my duty to give her the most fulfilled life I can because I know she will not be here one day. It is also important to me to be an ambassador to her breed. Collies are capable of so much more than being Lassie lookalikes and couch potatoes (Though they’re good at that too). I have never regretted the time and dedication spent with Jane. Outside of ranch life we enjoy competing in agility and obedience.

Circle B Canyon Ranch, San Saba, TX
Jane and kitten Pickles
Jane earns Companion Dog (CD) title in obedience in Victoria, Texas
Jane excels in agility
Jane blood trailed this hog at the Czech Out Ranch. We would not have found him without her! She has tracked wild game for kids on youth hunts for the Texas Youth Hunting Program.
Phone 2292016 098.png
Jane and I appear in hunting apparel ad
Sheep herding in La Vernia, TX. Jane is Herding Instinct Certified
Jane and Granny Parma. Granny always loved Jane.