About Anxious Hunter

New School of Traditional Cookery Hunting Guide
Texas Youth Hunting Program Huntmaster
Wild Game Recipe Contributor (Lonestar Outdoor News)
Stewards of the Wild Hunting Mentor
Hunter Education Instructor (Texas Parks & Wildlife)
Texas Big Game Awards Awardee
South Texas Bobwhite Brigade Instructor (Texas Brigades Youth Camps)

The Anxious Hunter blog is the product of my journey as a wife, hunter, outdoors woman and worrier extraordinaire. Reflection. Perseverance. Strength. Weakness. I am no different then many out there who struggle daily with the anxieties of life. The purpose of the Anxious Hunter is to discuss these events, the outdoors, and share my experiences in a journalistic free form manner.

I often  wonder why I picked up a bow and decided to try hunting myself. I can’t really explain why I did it. I was perfectly happy assisting my husband Adam on his outdoor hunting adventures for years prior. I remember waking up one day and telling Adam, “I want a bow.” He didn’t ask questions he just drove me to the local archery shop, The Bow Rack, and there my journey began. Learning how to shoot a bow gave me purpose and focus in a time when I needed it most. I had just graduated from the University of Oregon, married Adam and landed a job with the county. All momentous occasions to celebrate, right? My head was spinning. I felt the pressures of adulthood seeping in and I desperately needed a relief from the stresses of life. Little did I know a bow release would be my fix. Though the bow turned me from helper to hunter I found that I became passionate for many types of hunting. 

Since the day I purchased my first bow I have been on a journey and I am thankful for all the opportunites I have had to hunt across Oregon & my now homestate of Texas. Becoming a hunter made me have a greater appreciation of where my food comes from. It led me down a path of more sustainable eating practices and pushed me creativily in the kitchen.  

I am now a certified Huntmaster for the Texas Youth Hunting Program, guide for New School of Traditional Cookery Hunting School and a wild game recipe contributer for Lone Star Outdoor News. I continue to be mentored in the field by many people in my life including my husband, coworkers and friends. 

I am a professional at humility, not hunting.

This is not just a hunting journey but, rather, a life journey. At the end of the day I am just a girl battling her subconscious. A girl who plays with her collie dog. From suburban to country living, the outdoors and pushing my limits through various outlets have been my awakening- my therapy from the every day struggle of life and the unknown. The outdoors save me every time.

Hopefully this blog will inspire you to reach past the anxieties of life and try something new!


Instagram: mrs_bootsparma
Facebooks: Czech Out Ranch


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